Important Dates for JTC 2019

JTC Australia Fundraising Night

Saturday, May 18th from 6-8PM 

We will have a fundraising night for all of our students attending the Junior Theatre Celebration in Australia! 

At this event, students will eat pizza, play theater games and kick-off their first fundraiser to help off-set costs for their trip "DOWN UNDER".

May 29th is the deadline for the the JTC Commitment Deposit.

This deposit is $300.00 per person.

JTC Lock-In

GIRLS NIGHT-IN for the students attending JTC-Australia!

Saturday, April 13th 6PM- Sunday, April 14th 9PM

Students will come spend the night at IDA Studio! We will eat pizza, watch movies, play theatre games, dance and do some improv acting/singing activities!

Make sure you are there! It will be a night of fun!